Upcoming Zivan Offerings

Learn to Connect with Your Ancestors

February 26th - 7-9p in Eugene

This is a skills-building workshop to practice spiritual technologies of connecting with your ancestors. I will bring my Jewish and Transcestor ancestor connection technologies and teach specific skills for building your ancestor connection. You bring what you know, and we'll play and explore together in the realm of the Everywhen. 

I'm In!

Hi there! I'm Kalil 🧜‍♂️

I am a shape shifter, a magical genderqueer being of glittery brilliance. I am a High Priestexx, helping connect us to our ancestors and descendants in the sacred Temple of the Everywhen.

I bring gifts of somatic healing as a practice of liberation, as a tool for time travel to heal old traumas lodged in our bodies, and as a place of play and delight - especially for those of us who are multiply marginalized, carriers of ancestral and personal trauma. In other words - we who are Magicians with incredible power to heal ourselves, our communities, and our world.

My life’s work is to be one thread weaving connection in this world - to integrate our fractured selves, our fractured human communities, and our fractured environments so that we each shine our unique light as a sacred part of the Oneness.