Jewish Ancestor Ritual on Hanukkah

12/8 at a small temple in Cottage Grove

We won't be talking about assimilation and fundamentalism, militarism and self-defense, we will be feeling the way these legacies live in our bodies. We will be moving through these tensions, sending resilience to our ancestors and descendants, and offering resilience to each other and ourselves.

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Hi there! I'm Kalil 🧜‍♂️ (ze/they)

I am a shape shifter, a magical genderqueer being of glittery brilliance. I am a High Priestexx, helping connect us to our ancestors and descendants in the sacred Temple of the Everywhen.

I am a creator: of poems, graphic novels, 2 tiny humans, blogs, short films, ritual objects, collages and doodles. Being in an intimate relationship with my Muse is what grounds me and brings me back to the ever-unfolding mystery of my purpose in this lifetime.

My core values are Sustainability and Beauty. I cultivate these through tenderness, gentleness, slowness, and devotion to internal consent.