Weaving Somatics, Parts Work, & Ritual

Weaving Together


-IFS Parts Work-



Has your deep dive into personal and collective healing left you more raw and tender than ever?

Come slow down and cultivate resilience together, through co-created rituals and routines that nourish your Spirit, in deeply held community. Tend to your exposed wounds with Love and care for ourselves, and for all Beings: rock, fungi, plant, animal, spirit, human and more, with us on this journey. Here we center the process of becoming deeply rooted - finding our ecological niches, our healthy soils, our communities of collaborators.

Together we craft rituals and routines that are sustainable, effective, and adaptive to our current ecology.At Zivan we center The Sustainability Cycle: Rest - Play - Work. Over and Over and Over. We rest, we resource through pleasure and play, and then we generate sustainable output through our work & creativity. Over and Over and Over.

This is for you if - You have a fairly detailed map of your internal system and trauma history, and clarity on some of your shadows and patterns, as well as a cultivated connection to Self. Now what? In some ways things are fundamentally better. And in some ways it’s the same, except worse, because your eyes are open and yet the patterns keep repeating.

For those of us with multiple marginalized identities, (i.e. significant ancestral and personal trauma), we need to resource ourselves - to gain resilience - in order to navigate the ever-changing terrain of our lives.

Together, let’s experiment with new life ways, as sacred gifts to ourselves and to our ecosystems.

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