How would it feel to flow through your day feeling resourced and resilient?


I can help you navigate the specific resources, wisdom, constraints, and traumas in your ecosystem. Together we can craft rituals and routines that guide you toward Zivan (aliveness).  


Kalil's  coaching centers Magick, IFS Parts Work, and Somatics, beyond all the binaries. 

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Schedule a Consult


I can help you regulate and use your whole nervous system's wisdom as you: 

  • Make a major life decision
  • Implement a new wellness routine
  • Connect with your Parts & tend to their wounds
  • Develop your magical / ritual / spiritual practices
  • Navigate a family conflict


Where are you yearning to grow? 

What sustainable thriving could you experience if you invest in yourself and say YES to that yearning?


Together let's cultivate the resources and resilience to support you on this sacred journey (aka the tragicomic satire that is life inside  Dominator Culture!)


 In a 30-minute consult we will: 

  • Discuss your goals
  • Experience a taste of my offerings
  • See if we're a good fit 
  • Explore what structure would make sense given where you're at


It would be an honor to meet you and chat 


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