Apology, Repair, and Reconnection Workshop

Participatory workshop facilitated by Kavana Tree Bressen & Kalil Cohen

Many of us are struggling with increasing disconnection and misunderstanding in our relationships, amplified by the isolation of the pandemic and politically polarized times. As the issues facing humanity continue to mount, our ability to maintain relationships across lines of difference is more important than ever. Come practice skills for repair and reconnection through holding multiple truths. By building the skills to repair our individual relationships, we also increase our ability to collaborate on big, complex issues that affect us all. 

Strengthen your capacity to: 

  • Craft an effective apology
  • Repair relationship ruptures
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Humanize others even when they have caused harm
  • Discern when repair isn’t possible

If cost is a barrier please contact [email protected]

Sliding Scale: $50-100