Your Best Poly Self: Cultivate Thriving Open Relationships

In this course I’ll help you get to know your Parts and relationship patterns better, which can ultimately help you break toxic patterns and transform your relational life.

When you have a thriving internal relationship with your Parts, you can offer that same baseline of safety and security in your romantic and sexual relationships. This leads to relationships that feel more stable and connected, where you can truly enjoy the benefits of poly by offering mutual support with your partners as you explore and grow as a sexual and relational being.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to experience more acceptance and joy in Poly relationships
  • You want to create new relationship patterns (with yourself, with lovers, with friends)
  • You value freedom and autonomy in relationships, yet feel stuck in cycles of control or shame.

This course takes you through the landscape of common Poly triggers - from competition to scarcity to belonging - with specific tools for working with our cultural programming and personal histories to soothe ourselves when we get activated. With eight 5-10 minute videos and some simple exercises, this course provides an overview of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work, and how we can use the framework of Parts Work to help cultivate safety and security in polyamorous relationships. 

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$15.00 USD

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