Connect with Your Ancestors mini-course

Get support in developing a deeper connection with your ancestors.

Learn to:

-Create a portal, a magical location where you can meet them to connect.

-Create a sigil, a magical symbol to call them in.

This ancestor work is rooted in my Jewish and trans lineages of deep connection to chosen and blood ancestry. This ancestor connection process is held within a container of reciprocity, consent, and boundary work.

This is a mini-course, a place to dip your toe in and try out these waters. If they're calling you, c'mon in!

For more about Kalil and zir work, check out

What People Are Saying:

In CONNECT WITH YOUR ANCESTORS, I felt how my ancestors have kept me alive. They have always been here, guiding me. When I need to relax and feel protected, I can go to my ancestors---I don't need the attention or support from anyone else (partner, structure, etc). I can always find my ancestors in calm and silence.

-Mini-Course Participant

$9.00 USD

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